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How is your physical body shaping up this fall?

It’s fall, great time for taking car of the house, preparing for winter, fall clean up and making the house your home to cozy into for the fall and winter. We take such good care of our houses, doing everything it takes to avoid unplanned expenses and catastrophes. BUT what about the home we will all call home for the duration of our time here on earth? How are you doing taking care of it? The home you can’t just well when you get tired of it. You know what I am talking about….. your physical body. The home you take with you wherever you go. How’s the fall clean up and winter preparation going with your permanent residence?

Structurally making sure it is sound, acting preventively to avoid health crisis, doing everything it takes to make sure that your home lasts the test of time.  ‘An ounce of prevention’….. we seem to apply this to our material houses, how about this fall and winter you apply this principle to your physical home?  A chiropractic assessment is the first step to assessing where the biggest energy leaks are in your ‘home’ and designing a renovation plan to prevent big health expenses in the future!