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Almonte Chiropractor, Dr. Mark Herman

“There is nothing wrong, just wait and it will go away.” Those were the words of advice offered by a well-meaning emergency doctor, when he ‘checked’ me. I just wish I new then what I know now!

Dr. Mark Herman, Almonte Chiropractor

Dr. Mark Herman, Almonte Chiropractor

I found the ‘secret’ of chiropractic after I was injured playing Junior hockey for my home town team. I was 15 years old and found out what happens when you end up between the hard boards and a BIG defencemen that wants to flatten you. I badly hurt my neck and was unable to use my right shoulder and arm because of pain and weakness. I suffered for weeks and was scared that I would never get back to playing hockey, let alone regain the use of my right arm again. After several trips to the emergency room and desperate to find a solution, a friend told me about his chiropractor and I called the office right away.

Dr. Doneff checked me over and immediately knew what the problem was, I can’t tell you what a relief it was to finally know the cause of my problem. He calmed my fears and began to help my body heal and repair. In the end I not only got relief of my neck/shoulder/arm pain and weakness, but was actually better than before my injury. My hand strength improved and my neck movement was better than ever, which I credit to helping me avoid several other BIG defencemen who wanted me flattened. I also noticed to my amazement that the headaches, heartburn and sinus problems that had plagued me for years were simply gone. I realized, for the first time, that the pain pills I had been taking for my headaches and sinuses were just covering up the real problem.

Dr. Doneff was the first to suggest that I think about becoming a chiropractor and planted the seed that the body can do amazing things if it is not interfered with. I recognized how enthusiastic and dedicated Dr. Doneff was after more than 35 years in practice, he truly loved his ‘job’. Watching him work got me excited about the possibility of really helping people and truly loving what you do. It is in large part because of his passion and commitment that I was inspired to become a chiropractor.

I attended the University of Western Ontario, where I successfully obtained an Honours Bachelors of Science degree in genetics and immunology. That is when I fell in love with just how complicated and what an amazing miracle the human body is. It became obvious that our bodies have all the systems and tools we needed to grow, and continually adapt to our environment. Through my immunology and genetics courses, I found myself involved in cancer research for several years. This was a fast paced and exciting area of my education that was both challenging and frustrating. I loved the technical aspects of the research and constant learning that was involved in staying current and relevant. The frustration grew from the feeling that, no matter how hard science worked, many basic questions remained unanswered. Why does one person develop cancer in response to some toxin while another persons body is able to adapt and deal with the problem? Why does one person heal and eliminate cancer cells from the body while another person is unable to? The more I thought I knew the less answers I seemed to have.

In 1986 I enrolled at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, in Toronto and began the four-year program. Immediately, I felt at home and the science courses that I had previously taken began to take on a new life. This was the first time that I had studied full surgical anatomy and was wowed at the beauty and complexity of the human body. My studies in neurology gave me a whole new appreciation for how our bodies are able to control and direct every cell in our body, every second of the day, always. I graduated from CMCC in 1990 and finally had some of the answers to those basic questions that had lingered from past education and some brand new questions.

I believe that the body knows exactly what it needs to do to allow you to be/have everything that you are to be and have. I know that the body does this though constant communication over the nervous system, between your brain and all the tissues and cells of your body. I believe that anything that interferes with that communication will cause you to be less than you are capable of. My job is to use the safest and most results proven methods to remove the cause of that interference and allow you to be the best you can be.

My values of honesty and integrity mean that I will do everything I can to make sure that our office consistently finds ways to exceed your expectations and create long term solutions to your health challenges. I know that we will have to work together, for you, to get the most out of your chiropractic care in our office. My goals for you are to achieve optimal health in the fastest, most permanent and cost effective ways possible. Everyone that comes to our office has their own unique reasons for wanting the benefits of improved health and our job is to help make sure that you realize those benefits. I find that the people who benefit the most in our clinic are those individuals who realize that they play an integral role in their success. They take their health and the role they play in our office very seriously. Committing to achieving optimal health means having more fun and energy and being more. We pride ourselves on having fun and celebrating with you as your health improves at each step in the process.

Nothing satisfies me more than hearing about someone living a dream that they once thought impossible due to limitations in their health. What fuels me is the success that people report in all aspects of their life when their nervous system begins to function at a higher level. I love to hear the reports of how someone has improved in ways they didn’t even consider in the beginning, the side benefits.

I remember my first chiropractic experience, the feeling of being looked after and the relief of finding the real cause to my problem. We pride ourselves on making sure you understand what is happening at every step of the process and that you have all the information to make the best decision.

I met my wife Jaye at chiropractic college as students and we were married shortly after graduation. Jaye is my partner in all aspects, given that we also work together and both share a love for chiropractic. We have two beautiful daughters, Kyla and Jamie, and a lovable Golden Retriever named Blue.

In the winter we are a hockey crazy family! Go Sens Go! Both girls are playing girls hockey and Jaye and I volunteer as assistant coaches and team trainer. Between power skating sessions, hockey practices, and games, we also love Curling and are trying to convince the girls that it really isn’t just for ‘old’ people. In the summer months we are also playing and coaching soccer with the girls. Jaye and I love to golf, there is nothing like the beauty of being the first person on a fresh cut fairway on a beautiful summer morning to bring a smile to your face. That perfect drive off the tee, the beautiful green of the course, the sun, and the peacefulness of the course… the perfect moment! We love to just be outside, whether it is hiking or biking, spending an afternoon on the river in our canoe or playing a heated game of badminton and then cooling off with a dip in the pool.

I love to play my guitar and am always trying to learn new songs to play. Music plays a very big part in my life and we love to get together with friends to play music and have a sing alongs.

I am very lucky, to have two full-time chiropractors (one being my wife) who check me at least once per week. Given the physical demands of my job and our physical lifestyle, I find that my health is at its optimum when I have my nervous system checked on a regular basis. The kids were both checked at birth and they enjoy regular chiropractic care which has meant healthy kids with very few colds, flus, and very little need for medications. At our house when you get symptoms, we first ask the question: what is our body trying to tell us…we don’t just reach for some medication to mask the problem. That means that very often we have to change our lifestyle to help our bodies do there job better and consistently find that we don’t need to rely on medications.

We focus on all aspects of health, trying to create balance in all areas of our life. That means regular daily physical exercise, making better choices about the foods we eat, using nutritional products to support our bodies, avoiding the news media and television and trying to fill ourselves up with positive information from books and movies, having regular family time including vacations and special events, attending to our spiritual faith, managing and spending our finances in a balanced and responsible way, nurturing our relationships with family and friends, and taking time to celebrate our lives and our blessings.

Ok, enough about me! How can we help you with today’s safe and natural chiropractic care? Contact us now so that we can help you take the first step towards better health and living big!

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