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Health History

Below are the forms that we need to help us assess your overall health and wellness. Please fully complete them and bring them with you on your visit to the office. Your answers will help us determine if chiropractic can help you. If you need help with this form, please do not hesitate to call us at (613) 256-2813.

Our goals are to first address the issues that brought you to this office and second to offer you the opportunity of improved health, wellness and quality of life in the future. On a daily basis we experience physical, biochemical, and emotional stresses that can accumulate and result in serious loss of health potential. Most times the effects are gradual and may not even be felt until they become serious or cause pain. Answering the following questions will give us a profile of specific stresses, past and present that you face and allow us to better assess the challenges to your health potential.

We look forward to meeting you,
Dr. Jaye Carlson and Dr. Mark Herman

Children (0-12 Years)

Yes, we check and treat children!

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Health History and Future

This lets us know what’s happened, but perhaps more important, where do you want to take your health?

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Get adobe readerEach form is a PDF document file. If you do not already have AdobeReader® installed on your computer, click the Adobe® image to download for free.

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