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Patient Reviews

Hear what others, just like YOU, are saying about
Dr. Jaye and Dr. Mark…

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Almonte Chiropractic Centre patient testimonials below and please email us or contact the office if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,
Dr. Mark Herman and Dr. Jaye Carlson

“Her treatment was unlike any other adjustment I’d had before-it was pain free! My kids had never been adjusted prior to Dr. Jaye and were nervous at first; but thanks to her patience and nurturing care, they felt at ease to accept a “ride on the table”. The biggest change we have seen in their health is that they don’t get the colds and flus they used to catch anymore! Myself, I had a stiff neck which I do not suffer with anymore but I have also had significant changes in my monthly cycle for the first time in my life! I am so thrilled with these results and I didn’t even expect them! Thank you so much Dr. Jaye.~Sheila

Dr. Mark is the nicest, gentlest and most knowledgeable person I know; his advice goes beyond chiropractic. For the first time in 10 years I do not have chronic lower back pain and I have fewer problems with my knees. It’s amazing what happens when you open up your own pathways of healing.~Mike

I was born and at only a few days old I had a lot of gas and threw up a lot. Doctor told me I had colic and I was fine. My mom was really worried about me. I cried a lot and threw up a lot! I am so happy now! I eat without getting sick and I don’t cry anymore. Coming here is great. Now I am a very happy baby boy and I love seeing Dr. Mark! Oh, and I am also able to fill my diapers now. Mom is happy about that too!~Josh

I was told that I had Rheumatoid arthritis and that I could end up in a wheel chair in 2 years. I tried anti-inflammatories and other medications from the arthritis specialist. I have 2 young children and this was affecting everything in my life! After receiving chiropractic care I now have very few health issues and I am active and can do anything I want! My experience here has been great – thanks Dr. Jaye.~Barb

I first came here for migraine headaches. I was taking Tylenol 3’s but was still incapacitated with them 4 times per month. NOW, I have more energy, better mood, and NO headaches! My experience here has been great!~L.A.

I never knew how good I could actually feel! I didn’t realize how much discomfort I was actually in before seeing Dr. Jaye. Not only do I sleep better at night, I can walk without my legs aching and my knees and shoulders are finally relaxed and not in pain! My overall well-being has improved significantly and my immune system has been boosted!~Donna

I see Dr. Mark for preventive chiropractic care. I found that when I get in pain it is hard to keep my mind off it and that really impacts my family. Maintaining my physical activities is #1 with me. I run marathons and getting adjusted results in better alignment and avoids uneven stress on my joints. Also adds up to longer work years! The service here is excellent right from the front door to the professional treatments by Dr. Mark. Kindness goes a long way!~Mark

I was given exercises to do for the rest of my life. When the pain became more regular, I realized chiropractic care was what I needed. Flexibility has been the greatest reward, along with better balance, lack of pain and confidence in movement. My experience at the Almonte Chiropractic Centre has been exceptional. Treatments from both Dr. Mark and Dr. Jaye are wonderful and I believe have kept me upright!~Dorothy

I was referred to my chiropractor by my massage therapist. I was having regular back pain and was having difficulty sleeping. I had decreased mobility – feeling like an old lady! I found I was short tempered, cranky and irritable with my kids. Since receiving chiropractic care I sleep through the night, have greater mobility and am overall less irritable. These changes have hugely impacted my quality of life. My experience at this office has been amazing. Thanks!~Karen

I am a teacher and I can’t have to keep up with my kindergarten kids! Since receiving chiropractic care I have more energy to do all the things I want to do! In particular, my asthma is much more controlled when I get adjusted. Better breathing = more energy = increased happiness which impacts my home, school, family and friend relationships = a better life! My care at the Almonte Chiropractic Centre has been exceptional.~Kim

When I first came in I had a lot of pain in my low back. With the Insight station full body scans Dr Mark was able to tell me exactly what was wrong and started me on an intensive 3 times a week schedule of care. Well, little did I know how much I needed chiropractic adjustments!! I feel a lot better! I even sleep better. I had a lot of energy when I started but now I have even more! I find I can handle more stressful situations easier than before I started too. I think this was the best thing I could have ever do for my overall health! ~Richard

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